Wooden products

At ProSteel we have the pleasure of offering you highly unique wooden products that blend seamlessly into every interior, whilst offering you all the benefits of personalized design. Wood is a highly versatile material that can brighten up any space. Specifically our wooden products aim to accentuate your interior en blend in with already existing objects and walls. Our custom made products bring a certain elegance to any space, making it a perfect eye catcher. We offer multiple solutions regarding wood, both for private as well as professional usage.

Integrated wall systems


Our integrated wall systems are created by using a special patented technology that involves veneer boards as a basis. These boards are first coated and painted according to your preferences, after which a certain pattern is burned into the boards. This pattern can be styled and designed by the customer, or by an external company. This technology offers many possibilities, for example you could create an entire wall with your business logo, or a favorite holiday photograph. The possibilities are literally limitless.
Once the pattern is burned into the surface, the veneer boards are then manually painted and processed. Once the entire wall system is installed, you are the proud owner of a highly unique work of art that offers a seamless fit with the rest of the interior. This product offers so many options in terms of personalization, that every product is 100% unique and tailored to your needs. We are able to create multiple solutions for you using this technology, such as wardrobes and integrated wardrobes, bars, separations and also wooden doors.

Wooden doors

The patented technology described above can also be used for single or double wooden doors. If you don’t need a whole wardrobe but still would like to add something unique to your building, our wooden doors are the perfect choice for you. We can create fully customized doors that suit every interior and/or design, even the most original patterns and colors. We can burn almost every artwork into the door, that can even match surrounding artwork on the walls if you organize this well.
This technology works especially well for businesses, as you can remake your logo this way, or create a unique way of advertising. We can make various doors; next to regular doors we can also create hidden doors that are completely hidden in the structure of the building. In this case even the hinges will be hidden from view, offering you a sleek solution that blends in with the environment.

Wood matched perfectly with glass and steel

Wood and steel

Our wooden designs go exceptionally well with our steel and aluminum products. We also offer various options in terms of accessories, such as hand-picked handles and hinges. Our wooden doors can be combined with steel and glass panes, for example if you would like to create more natural lighting in a space. All our products are assembled and installed in your space by our professional team, thus we are able to guarantee you the highest quality and longevity.

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