Would you like to incorporate steel into your interior? Then ProSteel offers you everything you need. We offer a wide variety of steel products, ranging from interior doors combined with glass to modern contemporary garden art. All our products are ordered and produced on request, meaning you can expect a completely unique and tailor made product. We offer steel products for external as well as internal usage, depending on our clients’ preferences and specific request.

Indoor steel products

Our glass and steel doors are perfect for dividing large spaces, or creating a more open feel to any interior. We offer a wide variety of doors as well as steel and glass movable walls, specifically suitable for businesses and offices with large open floor plans. Our doors are available in various shapes and sizes, plus it’s also possible to choose the way the doors open and in which direction.
Our indoor steel doors can be painted in every possible RAL color, making it a perfect addition to any interior. With glass and steel in your interior you will greatly benefit from a large amount of natural lighting, as well as a spacious feeling. Extra options include soundproof glass, fixed panes and single or double doors.


Steel products for external usage

Would you like to replace your window panes with a high-quality industrial product? Then our external windows and doors are the perfect fit for you. Steel windows appeared on the market during the Industrial Revolution, due to their sturdiness and fire resistant properties. Nowadays steel windows and doors are extremely popular in a wide variety of interior designs, ranging from modern and minimalistic to classical and contemporary.
Our external steel products are produced on request, meaning that you are free to contact us with any measurement or inquiry. We can also realize steel exterior windows in already existing window frames. The steel windows and doors are very easy to clean and maintain, and in essence should last a lifetime with solid maintenance and treatment.

Corten: a modern addition to any building

A unique addition to every interior and exterior: Corten steel. This interesting material can be molded and produced in an extensive variety of shapes, purposes and looks. Corten is a special iron alloy composed of silicon, copper, nickel, phosphorus and chromium. Corten is unique due to its exceptional color, which varies from very bright to dark red rust. One of the main benefits of Corten is its added resistance to oxidation, even though the material itself seems corroded. This is not the case; Corten begets its unique look from a reaction between the materials used.
Corten is just as strong as steel and perfect for interior as well as exterior usage due to its tough qualities. Initially Corten steel plate was used for outside constructs, nowadays you can enjoy this beautiful material from the comfort of your own home or  business. This material is perfect as an eye catcher in any space and easy to maintain.


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